Monument City - Celina Abba

Student Name: Celina Abba

School: Dalhousie University

Degree Program: M.Arch

Title of Project: Monument City

Location of Project: Dordrecht, Netherlands

Year of Project: 2018

The city is a vessel that possess memories and societies collective past. Buildings, streets, open spaces, monuments and memorials help to document and record the collective narrative. They transport the past into the present allowing for reflection and the transfer of historical information to future generations. How can a city destined for disappearance commemorate the past, addressing the importance of history of place? How can one preserve the rich memory of historic areas in a changing climate?

The proposal for Monument City, the future city of Dordrecht, contains four typologies of monuments: the untouched ruin, the curated ruin, the deployed ruin, and the reconfigured ruin. Ruins have been present since the inception of the built environment. A connection between past and future is present in all four typologies of ruin. The history of cities is the history of the built environment.

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Madsen Canitz