Mémoire Vive | RAM - Alexandre Marceau

Student Name: Alexandre Marceau

School: Université Laval

Degree Program: M. Arch

Title of Project: Mémoire Vive | RAM

Location of Project: Montréal, Qc

Year of Project: 2019

Brief Description of Project

RAM took an interest in the relationship our society has with our virtual presence, the architectural importance of this fingerprint, and therefore the physical form of the virtual. Each year, the space of our reality becomes more digital and every day, the digital is more at the centre of our real lives. While we are absorbed by the virtual, a physical world is created to absorb the flow of information that is constantly being generated. Which form and organizational system can we associate with this universe of data and what is the place of the human in a space dedicated to the accumulation of the immaterial? Described as a generic warehouse, hidden from any view or human activity, data centers are currently the physical structure of this abstract set. It is the new factory, the typical program of a new post-digital era.

Montreal positioning itself as a leading technology hub, we see the emergence of this new typology that needs to be redefined. Halfway between a cultural and industrial, virtual and physical, abstract and familiar place, the program of this project is the creation of a data interpretation center on the site of the EXPO 67.

Madsen Canitz