“La terrasse optique” (The Optical Terrace) - Florence Bisson & Antoine Michel

Student Name: Florence Bisson & Antoine Michel

School: Université Laval Architecture School

Degree Program: M. Arch (Florence) & B. Arch (Antoine)

Title of Project: “La terrasse optique” (The Optical Terrace)

Location of Project: Centre des congrès de Québec (Until july 1st, then Parc de l’Amérique française)

Year of Project: 2019

Brief Description of Project

« La terrasse optique » is a student-led project designed in the context of the UNESCO international day of light. Its focus is to inform people about the importance of light, optics, and physics in general in their daily life. Université Laval students from different faculties each bring specific knowledge over a wide array of fields. Those include photonic optics, communications and obviously, architecture. The architectural concept of the Terrace had to revolve around light since it was at the core of the initiative. That’s why the structure embodies the duality of the nature of light. Indeed, scientists refer to light sometimes as a wave and sometimes as a particle. The wavelike nature of light is represented by the general undulating shape of the walls, that fluidly meander to create benches or information spaces. The particulate nature of light is represented by the subdivision of the walls in a multitude of vertical elements. Those feats come together through parametric design and CNC machining to create a dynamic and intriguing space. It created significant design challenges for this tight budget and deadlines student-led project that were brilliantly overcome by a great and dedicated team.

Madsen Canitz