Interconnector - Jimmy Hung, Julianne Guevara, Ernest Wong

Student Name: Jimmy Hung, Julianne Guevara, Ernest Wong

School: Ryerson University

Degree Program: B. ArchSc

Title of Project: Interconnector

Location of Project: 42-02 Vernon Blvd, New York, USA

Year of Project: 2019

Brief Description of Project

This mass timber development intertwines three different complex programs, a community center, a childhood education center, and residences, into one cohesive and interconnected community. The site is located along the East River of Manhattan, directly adjacent to the grand Queensboro Bridge. To anchor the three programs onto a central binding element, a long covered walkways cuts through the middle of the site leading down to the boardwalk. Each program is visible and accessible from this activated walkway, allowing for the community to gather along the public spaces that branch from it. The residential massing wraps around the site, orienting itself to maximize the setback between the units and the traffic from the bridge. The residential framing structure utilizes a modular grid system with all units fitting in a 6x9.1m bay, arranged to form a central quad with circulation overlooking accessible green roofs below. At the footing of the bridge, the massing allows for ample breathing room, placing low-rise childcare programming here with a direct connection to the northern Queensbridge Park. This development aims to become a key revitalizer for the surrounding neighborhood, offering support for children, promoting a healthy active lifestyle, and bringing life to a previously industrial waterfront.

2019-05-20_Exterior Corner.jpg
2019-05-22_Exterior Childcare Elevation.jpg
Madsen Canitz