A collective office - Kit for an on-demand workplace - Emmanuel Gaucher

Student Name: Emmanuel Gaucher

School: Université de Montréal

Degree Program: M.Arch

Title of Project: A collective office - Kit for an on-demand workplace

Location of Project: Montreal, Canada

Year of Project: 2018

Brief Description of Project

As co-working spaces, incubators and cafes are becoming new territories for work and sometimes replacing the conventional office, the project speculates on a scenario where an increasing demand for temporary workplaces and shared resources results in the creation of a new infrastructure for work. Collective spaces centered around providing on-demand spaces and resources appear in the city, colonizing vacant sites in ephemeral ways and addressing the ever-changing needs of a local community of freelancers and small businesses. The office as a form of public space.

To allow for a variation of uses through time and create a form of resilience towards future economic changes, the founding idea of the project is the kit of parts. As an assemblage of individual parts, the building can evolve and grow with the needs of the coop while allowing its own dismantlement if it is no longer needed, its parts becoming available for other sites in the city. Each level of the kit is then managed by a different entity ranging from the city that manages the acquisition of land and the establishment of a basic infrastructure to the users crafting their own space from cheap and easily movable parts of the kit.

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