CASA-ACEA is a non-profit organization which brings together students of architecture from across Canada to promote and celebrate architectural design and education. CASA-ACEA works in partnership with the Canadian Architecture Certification Board (CACB) and Architecture Canada (RAIC) to provide students with information and resources to enhance the value of their education as well as gain awareness of how to best transition from school into practice.

How are students involved in CASA.ACEA?

Both the executive and membership body of CASA-ACEA are made up of students who are studying at any of the CACB accredited design programs across Canada.

Who are CASA.ACEA Representatives?

Each of the CACB accredited schools must elect a current student to act as their representative during national meetings and proceedings. This student must be actively enrolled in a CACB accredited program during their term or representation and be in good academic standing.